Solidarity with Syrian refugees arriving in France

REVIVRE is a humanitarian Non Governmental Organization founded in 2004 to help former prisoners of opinion in Syria. Since March 2011 REVIVRE has enlarge its scope to consider the victims of repression and to host Syrian refugees arriving in France

Given the situation in Syria, REVIVRE calls for your support after being aware of the full measure of commitments that it has to ensure at present and in the very near future.

REVIVRE receives at its permanence at the Mayor of the 20th arrondissement of Paris an increased number of Syrian refugees. Most of them have known a long dangerous journey and are in tragic conditions of poverty and distress.

Along with its mission to support those refugees in their administrative procedures REVIVRE ensures a minimum of material support (phone cards, subway tickets, translation costs of identity documents) as well as financial (modest amount) during 2 or 3 months.

The NGO REVIVRE is authorized to receive donations (DGI / Ref 1345/2005), i.e. a tax receipt will be sent to every donator.