Medina Association, located in Bourges (France), created on March 11th, 1998 is an international humanitarian organization according to the French 1901 law.
The Association is totally independent of any political party or religious confession.
Its main objective is to intervene among civilian victims of conflicts with emergency, post-emergency and development programs; particularly when the concerned areas and populations receive little help from the other non-governmental organizations.
Its statuses stipulate the following goals, within the limits of its means:
– To support materially, technically or medically war victims who either stayed in their country or have been displaced;
– To denounce the violence and crimes encountered by these victims;
– To inform and sensitize the public on these crimes as well as on the difficult situation of the victims.

Action in progress
On January 19, 2015, a maternity hospital has been opened by Medina Association at Kafar Hamra, in western suburbs of Aleppo, in Syria. The project will insure and develop the Centre’s freely accessible functioning.
In the current context of armed conflict ravaging Syria and causing intolerable suffering; people are deprived of their most basic rights. In such a situation, women and children are particularly affected.
Humanitarian needs are considerable; the main priorities are medical care and assistance.
The conflict had the effect of depriving many residents of access to basic health-care.
According to European estimates, medical complications related to the lack of appropriated health-care services have caused more death within Syrian population than violence.
The maternity hospital proposes gynecological, pediatrician and psychological consultations; a pharmacy distributes free drugs to the patients and free diapers, maternal milk, covers, clothes distributions are regularly organized for all the families in need in the area. The needs are enormous; whether they are resident in the area or people displaced internally, all can benefit from the activities of this health center, a place of exchange and mutual aid.
In the space of six months, more than 300 deliveries and more than 12 000 gynecological and pediatrician consultations have been carried out within the maternity hospital.
In the implementing zone of the center, there is no other maternity hospital providing free care; international NGO are lacking in this remote area.
7 000 Euros enables us to finance one month of the Center’s functioning; every support is needed to keep the center working. With 6 Euros, we can provide one free pediatrician or gynecological consultation, including distribution of free drugs and free needed items.

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