Illustration by © Mahnaz yazdani
CODSSY NGO, in Paris France, launches a donation(*) campaign to help Syrian refugees in Turkey to improve their living conditions.
CODSSY lance un campagne de dons pour aider les réfugiés syriens en Turquie, pour améliorer leurs conditions de vie.

Editorial in “Le Monde”. His name was Aylan Kurdi. He was 3 or 4 years old. A small lifeless body washed ashore on a beach in Turkey. This Syrian child was fleeing the war with his family. They hoped to reach Europe – Greece by way of Turkey. There were at least eleven people on board their boat. Somewhere along the coast of Kos, the bark foundered. Some of the bodies drifted onto the beach. That of a little boy in blue pants and a red tee-shirt was apart from the others, alone. He has become the emblem of a migratory phenomenon without precedent that we do not want to recognize – or not enough.

The mission of CODSSY “Collectif du Développement et du Secours Syrien” is to provide emergency assistance to victims of the Syrian conflict, regardless of their ethnic, religious or socio-economic status. It intervenes in the fields of health, sanitation, food, education, psychological and legal aid. With its different member associations, CODSSY is present in Syria and in neighboring countries.

(*) If you live in France, 66% of your donation is tax deductible.

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